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site logo:Tabuk Tabuk Region - Wikipedia

site logo:Tabuk Expedition to Tabuk - Wikipedia

site logo:Tabuk Duba, Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia,_Saudi_Arabia

site logo:Tabuk Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah - Wikipedia 
He was also part of the Tabuk campaign under the command of Muhammad himself. On their return from the Battle of Tabouk, a Christian delegation from Najran arrived in Medina and showed interest in...

site logo:Tabuk Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud - Wikipedia 
Governor of Tabuk Province.
Abdul Majeed served as governor of three significant provinces in Saudi Arabia during his lifetime: Tabuk province, Medina Province and Makkah Province.

site logo:Tabuk Arabian Peninsula - Wikipedia 
The Midian Mountains of Tabuk Province, in northwestern Saudi Arabia, near the border with Jordan. The Aja subrange of the Shammar Mountains in the region of Ha'il, northern Saudi Arabia.

site logo:Tabuk Battle of the Trench - Wikipedia 
Tabuk. Balqa.

site logo:Tabuk Diriyah - Wikipedia 
Tabuk. Balqa.

site logo:Tabuk Al Bahah - Wikipedia 

site logo:Tabuk AK-47 - Wikipedia 
Tabuk Sniper Rifle, Tabuk Assault Rifle (with fixed or underfolding stock, outright clones of Yugoslavian M70 rifles series), Tabuk Short Assault Rifle (carbine).

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